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Copper Tray

White Sage Smudge Sticks are made with sustainably grown Salvia apiana, and hand wrapped with tie-dyed hemp cord. These are beautiful sage bundles, ample in size, and great for ceremonial burning or just everyday smudging.

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Bottled Essential Oil

Essential Oil of Saliva apiana is distilled on our farm from our White Sage. We distill only from sage leaves that are sustainably harvested from plants that have reached full maturity for maximum production of oils. White Sage Oil is bottled in several sizes.

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Sage Products

White Sage Personal Products are all created with White Sage from our farm. It is grown, harvested, cured, blended, distilled and packaged here by local people. Sustainable agricultural products that are sure to please!

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Body Butter is made with organic shea and coco butter, kosher glycerin, organic olive oil, and our organic sage oil. The butter is creamy, melts quickly, shines for a minute and then is absorbed. Developed here in the high desert of Southern California, it is extremely moisturizing, is perfect for dry or damaged skin, and can be put on before or after any other skin care product.

Hydrosol of Salvia apiana is made in the distillation process, and consists of distilled water and essential oil emulsified in the water. Spray on your skin and rub it in — it is instantly skin quenching, and great for dry and thirsty skin. May also be used to spray a fine mist, as an alternative to burning White Sage for purification.

Tincture of Salvia apiana is made from pure grain alcohol and sage oil, made the tried and true old fashion way of soaking the sage in the alcohol for months. Many people enjoy using it to spray a fine mist into the air in spaces and situations where it is inconvenient to burn White Sage. Or spray it on your skin for a cooling and soothing treatment. It is healing to damaged or irritated skin. May be used as a treatment for sore throat as well.

Organic Certification

Sagewinds Farm is now Certified Organic

With certification from both the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) we are now the only certified organic growers of White Sage in the United States. That means when you purchase White Sage products from us you can be assured that everything is grown and produced sustainably and organically.

Product Guarantee: Salvia apiana has a very long shelf life when cured and bundled properly. Sage bundles will stay fresh for a year or longer; so there is very little shrinkage. All products are covered by full product liability insurance. All products except Sage Sticks and loose leaves are bar coded for retail sale.

Should your product arrive damaged for any reason, it will be replaced or your money returned. We appreciate feedback, and/or concerns, please e-mail us, and we will respond promptly.

Yes, we sell wholesale, and ship internationally. Paypal does not calculate international shipping rates, so we bill separately for shipping on those orders. For more information about orders and international shipping rates, please send e-mail to
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